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After having to wait a painfully long time for the new GTA 5, it is now available for Playstation, Xbox and PC too. The Ultimate Guide to GTA V is made to be your go- to source for help, advice and a couple of useful cheats for when you need them. First and foremost I think I have to tell you that the biggest change in GTA 5 , in comparison to it’s predecessors, is that it has 3 main characters for you to choose from. Each of these characters has their own story, however they do interact amongst each other. The game let’s you alternate between them easily. Another improvement is the driving. It has been improved to feel more realistic and more smooth than in the older GTA’s. GTA V also gives you the ability to explore plenty of leisure type activities. You will be mesmerised by the possibilities that this game offers. The subsequent chapters will reveal to you useful tips, tricks, secrets and strategies and how you should apply those techniques to play your best in the game. 

You can now save your game quickly If you have played Grand Theft Auto III or IV then you already know that you need to go to your safe house and sleep if you wanted to save your game. This is something that I did not like because sometimes you really have to go and you don’t have enough time to go all the way down to your safe house to save your game. This problem has been solved, now you can save your game anywhere using an application on your cell phone which I think is pretty cool. You can play online Grand Theft Auto Online is a totally different game that you get for free when you buy Grand Theft Auto V and you can play with up to 16 of your friends. Grand Theft Auto Online is not covered in this book. You can download the manual This game is so big that Rockstar Games just could not print the manual. However, you can download it on your PC or Mac, Apple iPad or Apple iPhone. This manual is over 100 pages long. You can play with your dog on your Apple iPad or Apple iPhone The iFruit application lets you play with Chop and also lets you customise your vehicle. Check it out. It’s free. Perhaps in Grand Theft Auto VI you will be able to customise your house too. You can play with several characters I like this feature a lot. You start the game playing with Franklin and you can also play with Trevor and Michael.