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Who killed Leonora Johnson?

I always start each Grand Theft Auto picking these items because nobody is trying to kill you or arrest you yet and you can familiarize yourself with the land. You need to become a very good getaway driver and one easy way to do it is spending a lot of time picking these letter scraps until you are finished. If you cannot drive that long then you can split the titanic task over several days and play a few missions for a while and then get back to thisHere is the exact location of each one of the 50 letter scraps.

Before you go to war you must train hard and acquire the tools that will help you to survive. The first thing that you should do is buy the best bullet proof vest that money can buy. The price is just $2,500 One of the easiest ways to make cash in the beginning of the game is to drive a taxi for a while until you have enough to buy the bullet proof vest. Another easy way to make cash in the beginning of the game is to rob a convenience store but be careful, sometimes clerks are armed and need to buy a new bullet proof vest. Take a quick drive to the nearest shop and execute an armed robbery. There are 19 of them. Here is the map. Go to an ATM and wait until somebody makes a withdrawal and then murder them and you will get all the cash they had. Try not to make a lot of noise with a pistol. Use a bat or a knife. You are going to need a lot of guns and that costs a lot of money. I suggest you to finish all the gun range missions first because you will get a 10% discount on guns. Buy the Hen house for just $80,000 as fast as you can. This small business will generate $920 each week. You will know when you can start buying properties when a dollar sign is displayed on the map. The Hen house is located on Paleto Bay, Blain County.

Are you experienced?

There are many skills that you will need in your life to stay alive and healthy. There are many missions where you will be the driver and you need to be the best driver that you can be. This skill can only be increased driving. Don’t take any taxis early in the game. Just drive. Very early in the game you will be invited to street races. A question mark will appear when the street races have been unlocked. Compete in those races before you go any further and try to obtain as much experience driving as you can. Don’t walk. Always run. You need to get in shape. Triathlons are a good way to exercise. Cops are usually overweight and slow because they eat too many doughnuts. Don’t be like them. Some missions require stealth. You can also get better at this entering stealth mode pressing L3. If you are already an athlete then you can stop running and instead try to go unnoticed everywhere you go. Granted, this will take some time because you are moving slowly from one location to another but if you are as quiet as a mouse you will increase your chances of survival in the future.

This is obvious but you need to go to the gun range with every character and become an expert as soon as each character is unlocked. Don't advance in the game if you have not mastered the fine art of killing people with a shotgun or submachine gun.

How to make money with Franklin

I suggest you buy the taxi company as soon as you have enough cash to buy it because this business will generate a steady weekly income that you can use to pay your hospital bills, buy a new bullet proof vest or buy a get out of jail card.

Most people pay their fares with cash. A taxi company is a very easy way to clean your blood money because you can just report that you drove a passenger all the way across town and charge her $100 for the ride when you only drive her just a few blocks and charged $10.

The price of gasoline is extremely high because the government is trying to reduce oil dependence by reducing gasoline dependence, which I think is a dumb move. If they want to reduce gasoline consumption then just charge a cylinder tax of $6 per day to every car owner with a vehicle with eight cylinders. One easy way to make a lot of money with a taxi company is to buy foreign oil from Russia or any other country illegally from a crime syndicate and use it to fill your vehicles. The price is low because they don't pay any taxes.

In this version of GTA you don't have to worry about cleaning your illegal bills. Perhaps in the next version you will need to clean your bills before you can spend them and you will be audited by the IRS if you don't pay your taxes on time. I imagine there will be crooked accounts all over the map where you can clean your money for a fee just like in the film Layer Cake, (which I recommend if you have not seen it).

The Jewel Store Heist

In this game you can choose your crew and I just love that feature because you can analyse their resumes and pick the best ones or the cheapest ones. It is very important to hire the most expensive hacker because she will give you more seconds before the alarm goes off and you will have enough time to actually empty the jewellery store. Hiring a less experienced hacker may seem like a good deal but you will have less cash in the end because you won't have enough jewels to split.

The Docks

There is a mission in GTA 5 where you are working in the docks and your boss orders you to move a few cranes. A common mistake here, is that you move the crane from one location to another but you forget to put the crane on the floor and you release it. This will damage the merchandise. Make sure the crane is already on the floor before you release it.

We are not alone in this Universe

Unlike preview versions of GTA, were you can pick up a large number of items from the very beginning of the game, you cannot start to pick up spaceship parts until you have met Omega. You can find the exact location of the 50 GTA 5 Spaceship Parts here.

The construction assassination

This mission is ordered by Lester and you should buy a rocket launcher before you try and execute this mission. You will need to destroy a helicopter.

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